Going to Guatemala is unlike any other trip I have been on in my life. Through every moment of this trip I could see God working and His presence among us. Going to Guatemala is so much more than just delivering food baskets, making cement floors, playing soccer, and giving water filters. Going to Guatemala for me is about using the abilities God gave me-big or small- and using them to further His kingdom. Through everything we do down there, God is incorporated; as we form relationships with the people we see how God is using them in miraculous ways.

The adventures in Guatemala definitely take you out of your comfort zone- opening your eyes to so much more. A huge part of what Believe Guatemala helps with is the dump community. I read a quote once from Yohannan’s book “No longer a Slumdog” and it said this, “It is hard to realize this is not a novel, this is not a movie, and this is not even a nightmare. This is reality—reality for millions of children on the earth at this very hour.” Going to Guatemala and seeing people working in the dump-making only one dollar a day, made this a reality for me. This gave me a passion to keep going back and keep seeing how God will use these people.

Guatemala did not only change that week of my life. It changed the other 51 as well. The experience and the passion Guatemala gave me, helped push me in my walk with Christ even more. Guatemala and the team there helped teach me that every day of our lives can be a mission field. Whether at school, at home, at work, or in Guatemala God can use us in great ways when we unconditionally trust Him.

Monica Powers